We are a premium partner for global brands in the Lifestyle, Wellness, and Home & Kitchen appliance sectors in India, we have earned widespread recognition from industry leaders seeking to establish a lasting and sustainable presence in the Indian market. Our expertise spans across key business verticals, including brand building, D2C website management, e-commerce operations, digital marketing, and offline business development. By managing these crucial aspects in-house, we ensure a seamless and comprehensive approach to driving top-notch brand success in India.Through our unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity, and customer service, we strive to be the partner of choice for global brands seeking success in the vibrant and diverse Indian market.


Brand Representation

We serve as representatives for leading global brands seeking to enter and expand within the Indian market. Our focus is on investing in the appropriate channels to cultivate a strong brand image, there by ensuring sustained growth and longevity for our partners. With a commitment to building enduring relationships, we enable these brands to penetrate the high-volume Indian market effectively and establish a significant presence.

Regulatory Compliance and Certification

We guide our partner brands through regulatory requirements and assist in obtaining necessary certifications for their products to ensure compliance with Indian standards.Our expertise spans various government departments,including ISI Mark, BIS Mark, Legal Metrology, WPC ETA Certificate, and more. By leveraging our regulatory compliance expertise, we ensure our clients' products meet all necessary standards, facilitating their seamless entry and success in India.

Distribution and Logistics

We specialize in efficient distribution and logistics services across India, ensuring prompt delivery of our partner brand's products at cost-effective rates.With a large warehouse spanning 40,000 square feet and a well-established offline distribution network, we provide comprehensive supply chain solutions nationwide. Our robust infrastructure enables efficient inventory management and streamlined logistics or timely deliveries.With GST registration in 20+ states, we adeptly handle E-commerce fulfillment center distribution operations,ensuring compliance and smooth processes.

Marketing Excellence

We offer our partner brands a thorough market analysis and valuable insights, enabling them to gain a deep understanding of consumer preferences, market dynamics, and competitive landscapes specific to India. Our comprehensive approach encompasses in-depth research and data analysis to identify emerging trends,market opportunities, and potential challenges.

Dedicated D2C India Website

Dedicated D2C India Website

We oversee individual Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brand websites for our partner brands in India. This strategic approach builds credibility and trust among Indian customers,highlighting our deep commitment to the brand's success.Maintaining direct communication with customers, we demonstrate the brand's sincerity and dedicaion, while als showcasing the latest products and exclusive offers on our platforms.

Marketing and Promotion

We specialize in devising and implementing strategic marketing and promotional campaigns tailored to cultivate brand awareness, boost sales, and elevate brand visibility within the Indian market. Our approach encompasses comprehensive market analysis and consumer insights to craft targeted strategies that resonate with the local audience Through a combination of traditional and digital marketing channels, we ensure maximum reach and engagement, leveraging social media platforms, influencer partnerships, and innovative advertising techniques.

Customer Support and After-Sales Service

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer support and after-sales service to guarantee utmost satisfaction and loyalty among customers, there by bolstering the relationships between our partner brands and their clientele. Our commitment extends beyond the point of purchase, as we strive to address any inquiries, concerns, or issues promptly and effectively. By offering personalized assistance and proactive solutions, we aim to exceed customer expectations and foster long-term loyalty to our partner brands. Through continuous engagement and feedback collection, we constantl refine our customer support processes to ensure an unparalleled experience for every customer interaction.

E-Commerce & Online Sales

We boast a dedicated and highly skilled in-house digital team committed to securing market leader positions for our partner brands across various E-commerce channels in India. Notably, all our partner brands hold the prestigious rank of #1 product on Amazon India within their respective categories. Brands such as Coway in Air Purifiers, Kuvings in Cold Press Juicers, Ecovacs in Robot Vacuum Cleaners, and Instant Pot in Electric Pressure Cookers have achieved remarkable success under our guidance.

Retail Placement and Merchandising

Retail Placement and Merchandising

We work closely with retailers to ensure our partner brands' products receive prominent placement in stores, maximizing visibility. Our expansion has seen our partner brand products available in over 700 shops nationwide, bolstering our offline presence. With a dedicated business development team operating in over 50 cities, we effectively penetrate key markets. Moreover, we've achieved the top product rank not only on Croma but also across other premium retail channels in India, showcasing our dedication to delivering exceptional products and services and solidifying our leadership in the Indian market.


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